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Interview with Lee-Ann Johnstone, CEO & Founder, AffiliateINSIDER

Eventus international reached out to Lee-Ann Johnstone, the CEO and Founder of AffiliateINSIDER to hear more about AMPP (Affiliate Marketing Performance Program). Here’s what she had to say:


Eventus: What level of expertise is the AMPP programme aimed at? 


The beauty of this program is that it’s suited to anyone working in affiliate program management. The program has been designed to help busy affiliate program execs and managers at any stage of their career.  Whether you’re new into the industry or rapidly upskilling to get to the next level, this program is about having ongoing learning in bite size chunks that you can take away and implement in your business to improve your results. The program is designed to give you personalised support in a group learning environment. Affiliate marketing is constantly changing and you have to keep abreast of this change to keep learning. Cohorts are kept small for this reason, no more than 10 in a group. The course runs for 12 weeks, and you must commit to show up 1 hour per week to the live lessons and then participate in the group discussions and homework each week as directed. With the learning modules, you also get the accountability support - this helps delegates implement the tactics and strategies learnt to monitor and measure results. 


Eventus: How will the AMMP course benefit delegates?


Two ways really, one - they will learn new ways of amplifying their program performance. They will also benefit from a depth and breadth of expertise as we teach cross vertical, so you get the theory and implementation in one setting. The course is also tailoured to the individuals in the cohort groups, so that it’s highly applicable to their own business environments. 

How do you see the AMPP course fit into the already tight schedules of affiliate marketers?

It’s specifically been designed to fit into busy schedules as it requires just 1 hour per week (for 12 weeks) of live virtual learning. 

We are living through a tough time and virtual meetings have become the norm. The way we deliver the program content has been structured to fit in with busy work life schedules but also be meaningful to ensure actual strategy and tactics can be learnt in the time frame allocated. 


Eventus: Eventus International has reaped great benefits from working with you across the years, Lee-Ann. Can you elaborate on how affiliate account managers will gain from working with you as the Course Director?


Thank you, it’s been great to work with you guys and help support the events you do. I’ve been in this industry for over 2 decades, and I’ve worked across pretty much every vertical you can think of in one way or another. It’s this depth and breadth of experience delegates really get to benefit from in working with me consistently. I’m an eternal student of affiliate marketing, it’s what I do - day in and day out so as I’m still learning, so are my students and they get to benefit from the trial and error I’ve already experienced growing multi million dollar programs across multiple continents. I think of it as a fast track program - you don’t have to do the time you just benefit from the learning I’ve already had and delivered. 


Eventus: You mentioned that the AMPP programme was group orientated. What is the group size, and will group members have the opportunity to engage with one another?


Yes - you can elect to book on an open cohort (with other businesses and brands) or a closed cohort (your own company and team only). There are just 10 people in a cohort group as this allows me to have direct 1:1 time with everyone in the group and also makes it a lot more personal. I like to tailor content to the people in the group and having a smaller group to teach virtually works better too for class interactions and group working. 


Eventus: The programme runs over the course of three months; what is the cost involved for groups from the same company and individuals from different companies?


The cost is £150 per person per month.  (£450 in total for the12 week program). 

This is highly competitive with other training courses available in our industry and I’ve built it this way on purpose. If you’ve ever met me at a conference or event, you’ll know already that I am extremely passionate about helping develop good affiliate management practices and relationships. With this program, I want anyone who is serious about being at the top of their game in affiliate marketing to get  immediate access to the right mentorship and knowledge to enable them to grow. Our industry needs new blood. There is no “school of affiliate management” and educational programs need to be affordable and available for everyone to benefit from. I want to build better connections, help brands improve their affiliate marketing strategies and processes and support people to achieve their career goals. This is why AMPP has been created and it’s why I’m incredibly proud to be able to do the work that I truly love to do. 


Customer testimonials:


I thought the training was amazing, the attention to detail, the tips and tricks were brilliant! You can't help but feed off the energy from Lee-Ann and her expertise. It's really helped me improve my game not only as an Affiliate Manager, but how I can be more effective within my organisation.

Aaron Peters Affiliate Manager - PokerStars


Lee-Ann’s advanced affiliate manager training led to a 35% increase in our affiliate program revenue in the next 90 days and a 20% increase in new affiliates coming into the program. This course quite literally pays for itself immediately after you attend it! “ 

Laurenci Dow, Head of Affiliates, Jumpman Gaming


“Lee-Ann not only has great knowledge and great Passion for Affiliate management and the industry, she is also extremely passionate about helping others get the best out of themselves and the role.  Any questions or issues you experience in your own role, she will answer them and give you advice from her own extensive experience. Highly Recommend this course!” 

Shane Morgan , Affiliate Manager

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