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"The business landscape is evolving so rapidly that traditional ways of doing business are no longer sufficient to guarantee success. Now, more than ever, you need fresh ideas, cutting-edge concepts and timely information in order to succeed in an unrelentingly competitive environment".

Eventus International holds conferences within Technology and Marketing functions across Asia and Africa, attended by hundreds of senior delegates from the private and public sector.


Our biggest strength is our research and analytical skills. By identifying the latent, commercial and most relevant issues facing any sector we present insightful marketing briefs to our clients, which can be translated into compelling conference programmes.


Every conference agenda we research is designed to deliver an unprecedented level of detail, providing practical solutions on strategic, tactical and technical challenges.

How do we achieve this?

Firstly, we invest a huge amount of time in researching and developing the conference, workshop and training ideas. We then consult with industry experts, key opinion leaders, high level speakers, industry partners and sponsors and most importantly you the delegate, on the relevance of the content of those conferences, workshops and training. This ensures it is right event for you and your business.


The end result is a cutting edge and commercially driven conference programme comprising of high level speakers and panel of experts relevant to the topic, promoted through well written marketing collateral, attracting sponsors and delegates to make it a success.


We will continue to bring you innovations and advances to our products ensuring you are always at the forefront of change, whilst bringing exceptional service and value for your conference investment.


You will tap into valuable, practical lessons and real experiences, enabling you to benchmark against companies and industries. Whether you are looking to build a business case, reduce / optimise costs or improve the implementation of a particular strategy, you will leave our events with an unique mix of actionable learning benefits that you could not obtain anywhere else...


...that is our brand promise!

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